Michael Hammond is an actor living in Los Angeles and pursuing his dream of TV, Film, and Theater. He just completed a MFA degree in Acting at the University of California, San Diego.  He grew up in Silver Spring, MD and then moved to Rhode Island, where he graduated from Brown University with a BA in Biology.  When he wasn’t in the laboratory, he performed in shows such as Stone Cold Dead Serious, Les Mouches, and The Last 5 Years.  After graduation, he moved to Dubois, Wyoming for five months and worked as a maintenance man on a ranch, where he built fences, stables and roofs, as well as rode some valiant steeds.  He then returned to his hometown, Washington, DC, where he performed at the Shakespeare Theatre and Studio Theatre, among others, for a few years before moving to San Diego.  He spent a summer as an acting apprentice at the Williamstown Theatre Festival and has trained as a theatermaker at the Eugene O’Neill Theater Center in Connecticut and at the Studio Theatre Acting Conservatory in DC.

Upcoming performances: