in the crowding darkness

Gabriel, an Afghanistan War Vet, returns to the comfortable life he built with his partner of eight years Vaughn. When they’re asked to become the black gay poster couple for a same-sex marriage campaign, issues…

She Stoops To Conquer

Because her suitor Charles Marlow is a nervous wreck around upper-class women, Miss Kate Hardcastle pretends to be an innkeeper in an effort to get him to woo her. “As Marlow and Kate, Michael Hammond…

Grapes - Connie and Rose1

Grapes of Wrath

When their homestead dries up in the Dust Bowl, the Joads set out for California, overcoming severe hardships in their search for better lives and spiritual rejuvenation. Galati’s adaptation won a Tony Award when it…

His Girl Friday

His Girl Friday

A major story is brewing in a 1939 Chicago press room when ace reporter Hildy Johnson stops by for one last visit before leaving the newspaper game for good. But when her former editor and…

Casagemas -Hot tub



Tonight We Improvise

Elizabeth - Shopping Cart

Elizabeth I

All’s Well That Ends Well

SB - Party Jump

The Santa Barbarians

The Car Plays: San Diego

Spring Awakening

Julius Caesar

Stage Door

The Demise of Charlie Hampstead


Interview Date

Winner, Best Screenplay, DC Shorts Screenplay Competition

Superior Donuts

Samson and Miss Delilah

Charles Mee Series

Solid Gold Cadillac

The Rocky Horror Show

The Torch-Bearers

The Brown Derbies

Double Blind


Stone Cold Dead Serious

White Brown Friends

Les Mouches (The Flies)

The Last Five Years